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New Wiki Content on the “Monstruos” Armored Vehicles

Research and Visualization / Transnational Crime

Monstruos profile:

Please check out our new VKB profile on the “Monstruos” armored vehicles.  While standard armored vehicles have been used by Mexican drug cartels for some time, the use of Monstruos – Spanish for Monsters – is a fairly new phenomenon; with the first Monstruo being seized in July 2010.  However, recent evidence suggests that the construction and use of these armored vehicles may be on the rise across Mexico.  Our VKB profile provides photographs, videos, and interactive maps that detail Monstruo activity.  In addition, we provide an assessment on the capabilities of known Monstruo models and highlight possible design modifications for the future.

If you have any questions or comments about information included in the profile, please contact us at info@isvg.org.


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