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ISVG’s Links of the Day November 11, 2011

Links of the Day

Welcome to ISVG’s Links of the Day!  Each day, ISVG research analysts and collectors gather and read hundreds of open-source news and  intelligence articles from around the globe in an effort to bring you the most comprehensive database on violent extremism.  These articles  provide the details surrounding the events and actors involved in violent extremism and transnational criminal organizations.  ISVG’s Links of the Day will highlight the most noteworthy articles collected throughout the course of ISVG’s daily research process.  Make sure you check back every morning or evening to get a recap of the most relevant  articles of the last twenty-four hours, or follow our @ISVG Twitter handle to get these links as we find them!


Friday, November 11, 2011

The recent upsurge in violence by Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has been documented even in mainsteam media sources. Using i2 Analyst’s Notebook and other analytical tools, Robert Berntsson, Meagan Wilder, and Kristin Nordeen visualize the terror group’s profile.

Nigeria arrests Boko Haram suspects after dozens killed in last Friday’s coordinated attacks.

Kenya: Perfect breeding ground for Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Taliban target mobile phone masts to prevent tipoffs from Afghan civilians.

Haqqani network suspected in Thursday’s suicide attack on Afghan government office.

Passenger ferry hijacked by PKK assailants in northwest Turkey.

German police link “kebab murders” to neo-Nazis from southwest Germany.

Suspected al Qaeda member from Morocco charged in bomb plot in Germany.

Colombian FARC rebel sentenced to 17 years for 2008 kidnapping of U.S. citizen in Panama.



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