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Boston Marathon Bombing: Visualizing the Reported Relationships

Extremism in North America / Research and Visualization


ISVG crafted this comprehensive network chart of Tamerlan & Dzhokar Tsarnaev from the large number of open source articles published by traditional media and think tanks in the month after the Boston Marathon Bombings.  This chart illustrates the two bombing suspects, their relationships, and key events/facts that are being evaluated to terrorist and extremist organizations.  This visualization includes all reporting through 11 May 2013.

ISVG built this visualization by blending analytical products from the Palantir Government platform in Tableau Public to create an interactive capability for making sense of all the reporting on this event.  We invite you to utilize the interactive features by hovering the mouse over the objects with the corresponding reference letters (“A”, “B”, “C”, etc.).To view the source document for each object, click on each object to open it in a new window.  Make sure that your browser does not have pop-ups blocked.

This blog post is a simplified visualization that focuses on the suspected linkages of the Tsarnaev brothers’ network.  Click here for the larger network of the events and entities involved in the Boston Marathon Bombings.


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